Amministrativisti Law Firm offers assistance in the various stages of approval and implementation of urban and building transformation and enhancement measures, and in the collection and analysis of relevant data in the acquisition of real estate assets.

The activity of the Firm extends from the traditional instruments of urban planning, general and implementation, to the most recent terms of agreements between public and private subjects (so-called negotiated planning), for the realization of private interventions for residential and non-residential use (commercial, directional, hotel, amusement parks, sports facilities, etc.) and related public interventions.

The Law Firm deals with profiles related to the impact of planning on private property, in the light of the regulations regarding expropriation and of urban and financial equalization systems. This activity is accompanied by assistance in proceedings relating to building permits, which covers the various moments of confrontation with the P.A. (design phase, presentation / issue of permit, realization of the intervention).